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San Mateo, CA, USA, California, USA
The Bay Area Igniters Car Club is a close-knit bunch of car guys & gals dedicated to our families, our friends and our love of vintage iron.  Without giving the usual canned description, our goal is to stay true to the initial reason we began this club - to have fun with our vintage vehicles and again, to share it with our families and friends.  We strive very hard to keep the politics and ego strokes that plague our hobby far, far away from our activities.

We do this by recruiting like-minded members.  What do we look for?  Simple.  We look for good, sincere, loyal people that share our passion.  One thing that we are very proud of is being truely proactive.  We are builders - not just of our own cars but all of our club member's vehicles.  That is why (monthly) we pick a member that needs help on their vehicle (whether it be a motor/trans swap, some front end work or chasing electrical gremlins) and converge on it with an "all hands on deck" attitude.  Again, a willingness to help and a proactive attitude are common traits that tie us all together.

We also attend car shows together as a club (we especially like the ones that benefit the schools. the VA pograms, etc.), race together at Sacramento Raceway Park & Sears  Point (we refuse to call our beloved Sears Point by any other name), arrange club cruises (sometimes just ourselves and sometimes with other clubs) and get our families together for weekend breakfast runs & holiday events.  There is no pressure to attend meetings & functions - members show up because they want to.

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