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Paradise Drag Strip

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Track Shape:

Drag Strip

Track Legnth:

1/8 mi

Surface Type:


500 Chatsworth Hwy 225 NE, Calhoun, GA 30701, USA, Georgia, USA 30701

Historic 1/8 mile drag strip located in Calhoun , Ga . Running since 1961

Even in Paradise there are rules to live by. Please find the rules listed below. Paradise Dragstrip has a zero tolerance policy unless approved prior to race time with track officials.
1-No Alcohol or Drugs allowed!
2-Speed Limit is 5 mph in the pit lanes. We do not want our future generation racers injured.
3-All drivers must wear a helmet – no exceptions!
4-No electronics on foot brake cars. If electronics are installed, they must be disabled and approved per tech inspection.
5-Car must have seat restraint.
6-Fire extinguisher must be in car and also by trailer in pit lane.
7-Windows must be installed and closed during race operation.
8-Drivers must have valid drivers license to compete in race or time trials.
9-Any car 6.40 and faster must have complete roll cage.
10-Any car 7.50 and faster must have fire jacket.

Contact Information
Phone: (770) 548-0304

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