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The Capitol Auto Club “The Thunder Bolts”

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Founded: 1945
Sacramento, CA, USA, California, USA

The Capitol Auto Club was started in 1945 by a group of Sacramento area "Hot Rodders". They held their first meeting in a chicken coop on Fulton Ave. which at that time was not even in the Sacramento city limits. This first meeting was to discuss forming a car club whose members would have a common interest in racing their Model T and Model A Fords at the Lazy "J" Speedway in Sacramento. This first get together was the beginning of their "Official" every two week meetings that have continued without a miss for  70 Plus years.      

At the first club meeting, the official club name, "Capitol Auto Club" was decided, however there are 2 and sometimes 3 different stories about how they adopted their nickname, the "THUNDERBOLTS" or just "BOLTS". One story tells us that many of the founding members had just returned from military service in WWII, In fact the very first president had been a fighter pilot. History tells us that there was a military aircraft called the "Thunderbolt" and that name was discussed by the members. The second story deals with the flapping fenders and loose bolts that flew off those cars that raced at the numerous dirt speedways in the Sacramento area and how their disconnected exhaust sounded like thunder. The third story is that the club members could not make up their minds, when at an early meeting one of the members brought a picture of a newly designed and unveiled  Detroit "Dream Car" called the "Thunderbolt". According to Norm Milne, the first president, that picture was the deciding factor in choosing the clubs nickname.

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