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Thornhill Dragway / Thornhill Dragstrip

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Track Shape:

Drag Strip

Track Legnth:

1/8 mile

Surface Type:


14114 Kenton Station Road, Morning View, KY 41063, USA, Kentucky, USA 41063

Thornhill Dragstrip is a family owned and operated drag racing business located in Kenton County, KY.
Thornhill Dragstrip is the world's oldest, CONTINUOUSLY running drag strip.

Legend has it that Thornhill was first built by moonshiners during the prohibition as a dirt airstrip, allowing them to transport their hootch right under the noses of local authority.

Operating on only 6 hours a week since a court noise ordinace, Thornhill has become the little track that could, beating all odds.

Contact Information
Phone: (859) 356-7702

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