Ryan Smith’s Drift Porsche

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The owner Ryan Smith is a driftaholic among other types of racing. Check out his ride, it’s not your average drift machine.

Most people don’t know too much about me, but one of the things I love to do is go drifting.  It’s a popular sport these days but I’ve been into it way before anyone knew what it was about.  My car is a 1984 Porsche 944 N/A.  It’s lightly modified but setup to drift very well.  I try to go to most events in the area and practice as much as possible.

We used to go up in the mountains and drift late at night, but that’s just bad news.  It seemed every time we’d go street drifting someone would total their car.  After 2 of my good friends wrapping their cars on trees, we all decided street drifting sucks.  I just drift at the track now, even though I get the urge to go out to the local mountains, it’s not worth it.  If you see me at an event come by and say Hi.  I’ll give you a ride along if the event permits it.  Hope you enjoy the pics.

Oh, also my car was spotted in Banzai Magazine in Europe.  Funny how they got my pic.

ryan drift magazine

Here are some links to places you can do some drifting legally:






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