Need a smog test? One of our friends owns a station in Hayward, CA. One of our good friends V has his own Smog Check Station.  We are pretty proud of him, going to school for so long and then sticking with what he wanted to do.  As most ofContinue Reading

1/4/2005 By: Roger Hewson I was going to start this with a cliché “nobody likes dead batteries” statement, but any idiot knows having a dead battery sucks. For a motor to run it actually has to get going first and that is where the all important battery and starter comeContinue Reading

By: Roger Hewson 12/28/2004 Any one who has ever had a drop of gas and oil running through their veins has dreamed of becoming a racecar driver at one point in their life. Every time I drive through a long sweeping onramp, I debate sliding the tires off my carContinue Reading