Just Smog Test Only

Just Smog Hayward

Need a smog test? One of our friends owns a station in Hayward, CA.

One of our good friends V has his own Smog Check Station.  We are pretty proud of him, going to school for so long and then sticking with what he wanted to do.  As most of you know California has some super strict laws these days.  If your car is over 6 years old, you may have to go to a “Test Only” smog station. Pre 2000 cars are required a roller test every two years.

A Test Only station can only dyno test your car on the smog machine or OB2.  They are not allowed to work on your car if it fails.  If your car fails the first time, V will hook you up and let you come back to retest it.  Most smog places will charge half for the 2nd test.  So if your car needs a “Test Only Smog” come on down and give him your business.

909 C West A Street
Hayward, CA 94541

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