2 Fast 2 Real Video – Street Racing Video Series

If you love Street Racing, then this is the video series to watch. It’s 100% real street racing.  These videos are packed with tons of entertainment. The Best Street Racing Video out there.

We just watched the 2Fast2Real series and it’s off the hook.  These guys are crazy.  The street racing is real unlike the Street Outlaw Series.  These guys  street race anything with power:  Import, Domestics, Imports Vs. Domestics, Euro Cars, Bikes etc.  Mostly all in daylight.  There’s too much action too list.  The producer almost went to jail for filming the last one.  If your going to buy watch one series, make it the 2Fast2Real Trilogy .  This blows all the other wannabe’s away.  The ultimate Video in East Coast Long Island Street Racing. It’s over 4 hours of non stop quality action.

2FAST2REAL from Greg Filipkowski on Vimeo.

2Fast2Real put’s the pedal to the metal. No time for “lights, camera, action”, just simply shoot and run.

2fast2real nyc burnout

A 10 second drag car burning it up in the heart of NYC.

2fast2real 2003_onlocation_145

Racers waiting to tear it up.

2fast2real 2003_meet9a_022

Supra Burnout!


2fast2real 2003_meet9a_012

Taking Off

2fast2real 2003_meet9a_010

Guess who gets smoked….

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