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Alongside (ALS):
Alongside refers to a specific point of delivery in international trade, particularly in the context of shipping goods via vessel. Here are the two common meanings of “alongside”:

  1. Point of Delivery Beside a Vessel:
  • In shipping terminology, “alongside” refers to the location where goods are delivered or received next to the vessel (ship).
  • This typically occurs at the dock or quay where the vessel is berthed, and the goods are placed or loaded directly from the dock onto the ship’s deck or vice versa.
  1. Transfer of Title to Goods:
  • “Alongside” also denotes a specific moment in the transfer of title to goods from one party to another in international trade transactions.
  • The term specifies when ownership and responsibility for the goods transition from the seller to the buyer. This often happens at the point where the goods are delivered alongside the vessel.

Usage in Trade and Logistics:

  • Shipping Terms: Commonly used in Incoterms® (International Commercial Terms), where terms like FAS (Free Alongside Ship) indicate that the seller delivers the goods alongside the vessel nominated by the buyer at the named port of shipment.
  • Legal and Contractual Context: The term “alongside” is crucial for defining responsibilities and liabilities between parties, particularly concerning the transfer of goods and the allocation of costs and risks during shipment.

“Alongside” in international trade and shipping signifies both a physical point of delivery next to a vessel and a legal moment where ownership of goods transfers between parties, typically occurring at ports or terminals during maritime logistics operations.


  • Free Alongside Ship
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