Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 39 Transmission Cleaning

Day 39.

I have been so busy getting my 1996 G20T ready for smog I have had no time for anything else. I had to fix so many things and some of it was ridiculous – for example I got flagged for having an AFR gauge tapped into the down pipe before the cat – flagged as tampered O2 sensor. Another one was the magna flow cat has the rear O2 bung on the opposite side of the laser numbers on the cat. the smog guy said i had to install the cat with the number down which forced me to make an extension for the rear O2 sensor and also it faced the sensor down giving me about 4 inch clearance from the ground. My car looked like it had a little boner……Anyways everything is fixed. Passed smog, called the CARB hotline and they said the numbers on the cat just have to be visible so I flipped the cat got and got another rear O2 sensor that’s not mutilated and called it a day. I know its not a 7 but I’m gonna post pics anyways. The car has the infamous SR20DE, but this one is a high compression motor from Europe and has the Nissan Pulsar gti-r sodium filled exhaust valves in it. It’s really a cool daily. Now that this car is running I have to change the suspension, rear wheel hubs and install some rebuilt axles in my primary daily – my 2008 Mazda5 minivan. I love this thing – 265k miles and still going !!!!!! Ford engine though…lol

So for the RX7

The turbos are still sitting in the box waiting to be installed.

I got my Rotary Performance rear engine lift fitting, came with a cool bag too.

Today I cleaned the transmission. I sprayed it with engine gunk gel cleaner then scrubbed it and hosed it down. Then I got the good ole eagle one mag and wheel cleaner and sprayed it then immediately power washed it.

I covered the connectors with a bag and when all was done I took them back out to clean them and let them dry.

I already have a throw out bearing but now I will need to order the Input and output shaft seals.

Enjoy the pics.

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