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An antique car, has multiple eras and will continue as time continues on.

  1. Definition 1: A vehicle built prior to 1915, often referred to as belonging to the Brass Era due to the use of brass fittings and lanterns. The Brass Era generally spanned from around 1905 to 1914, marking the advent of mass-produced affordable vehicles.
  2. Definition 2: A vehicle built between 1880 and 1916, inclusive. This definition encompasses a broader period that includes the Brass Era and extends slightly beyond it.
  3. Definition 3: A vehicle (including hardtop or convertible) built before 1950 and maintained in its original form, without any modern technology, equipment, or refinements, except for the wheels.

Each definition provides a slightly different timeframe and criteria for what constitutes an antique car. Generally, antique cars are appreciated for their historical significance, design, craftsmanship, and contribution to automotive history.


  • classic car
  • collectible car
  • late model car
  • milestone car
  • modified car
  • muscle car
  • street rod
  • vintage car
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