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In the context of film and television production, a “baby” refers to a small incandescent spotlight. These lights are typically used to provide focused illumination on a specific area or subject. They are valued for their portability and versatility, making them a common choice in various lighting setups.

Key Features:

  • Size: Compact and easy to maneuver.
  • Light Source: Incandescent bulb, providing a warm light quality.
  • Usage: Often used to highlight specific details or create effects in scenes.
  • Application: Common in both studio and location shoots due to their convenience and effectiveness.


  • Film Production: Used to enhance lighting on actors or key props.
  • Television Production: Utilized to create mood and highlight important elements in a scene.
  • Photography: Can also be used in still photography for similar purposes.


  • Control: Offers precise control over the lighting direction and intensity.
  • Flexibility: Easily adjustable and repositionable to suit different shot requirements.
  • Quality of Light: Provides a pleasing, natural-looking light that is well-suited to capturing lifelike images on camera.

The “baby” spotlight is an essential tool in the lighting arsenal of film and television professionals, enabling them to create the desired visual impact and maintain high production values.

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