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Barring Gear


  • Barring Gear:
  • An arrangement used for moving heavy electrical plant and machinery using manpower. This system typically involves rotating machines and transformers equipped with wheels, and movement is facilitated by inserting crowbars at suitable points to lever the equipment.


  • Facilitate Movement:
  • To allow for the repositioning or maintenance of heavy machinery and electrical plant equipment without the need for powered mechanical aids.


  1. Equipment on Wheels:
  • The machinery or transformers are equipped with wheels to ease the movement process.
  1. Crowbars:
  • Strong metal bars (crowbars) are used as levers.
  • These crowbars are inserted at specific points on the equipment to gain leverage, allowing workers to move the equipment by applying force.
  1. Manual Effort:
  • Movement is achieved through the manual effort of workers who use the crowbars to push or pull the equipment into the desired position.


  1. Electrical Plants:
  • Used to move heavy transformers and generators during installation, maintenance, or repositioning within power plants or substations.
  1. Industrial Settings:
  • Employed in various industrial environments where heavy machinery needs to be moved without the use of powered transport or lifting equipment.
  1. Maintenance Operations:
  • Facilitates maintenance tasks by allowing heavy equipment to be moved to accessible positions for repair or servicing.


  1. Cost-Effective:
  • Reduces the need for expensive powered lifting and moving equipment.
  • Utilizes readily available tools and manpower.
  1. Flexibility:
  • Can be used in confined spaces where powered equipment may not be feasible.
  • Allows for precise control over the movement of heavy machinery.
  1. Safety:
  • Provides a controlled method for moving heavy equipment, reducing the risk of damage to the equipment and the surrounding area.
  • Can be executed with proper safety protocols to protect workers.

Example Process:

  1. Preparation:
  • Ensure the machinery or transformer is properly equipped with wheels or rollers.
  • Clear the path of any obstacles and ensure a safe working environment.
  1. Insertion of Crowbars:
  • Identify suitable points on the equipment where crowbars can be inserted to provide maximum leverage.
  • Insert the crowbars securely at these points.
  1. Leveraging:
  • Workers apply force to the crowbars to lift and move the equipment.
  • This process is repeated, moving the equipment in small increments to the desired location.
  1. Positioning:
  • Once the equipment is in the desired position, ensure it is properly secured and stable.
  • Remove the crowbars and perform any necessary checks to confirm the equipment is ready for operation or maintenance.

Barring gear is a practical and cost-effective method for moving heavy electrical plant and machinery using manpower. By equipping the machinery with wheels and using crowbars for leverage, workers can safely and efficiently reposition heavy equipment for installation, maintenance, or other operations. This system offers flexibility, safety, and precision, making it a valuable tool in various industrial and electrical plant settings.

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