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  1. A Number of Things Produced as a Group:
  • Refers to a collection of items created or processed together in a single operation or session.
  • Commonly used in manufacturing, baking, and other production processes. Example:
  • “The factory produced a batch of 100 widgets.”
  • “She baked a batch of cookies for the bake sale.”
  1. A Mixture of Natural and Synthetic Rubber with Other Materials:
  • In tire production, it refers to the combination of rubber, fillers, chemicals, and vulcanizing agents.
  • This mixture is essential for creating the rubber compound used in tires. Example:
  • “The batch for tire production includes various additives to enhance durability.”
  • “Each batch is carefully formulated to meet quality standards.”
  1. The Mixture of Raw Materials for Glass Production:
  • Refers to the combination of raw materials, including cullet, used to produce glass in a furnace.
  • The mixture is melted to create glass products. Example:
  • “The glass factory prepares a batch of raw materials for the furnace.”
  • “Cullet is added to the batch to improve the melting process.” Also Called:
  • Charge


The term “batch” can refer to a group of items produced together, a specific mixture in tire production, or the raw material mixture for glass manufacturing. Its usage varies based on the context, indicating either a collection of items or a specific formulation process.

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