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The termbeam” can refer to several different concepts:

  1. Projection of Light: A beam is a collimated or approximately unidirectional flow of electromagnetic radiation (such as light, radio waves, X-rays) or particles (atoms, electrons, molecules). The angular beam width is defined by the points where the intensity drops to half its maximum value.
  2. Supporting Bar: In structural engineering, a beam is a bar or member that is loaded transversely, typically subjected predominantly to bending stresses. Beams are essential components in buildings, bridges, and other structures, providing support and distributing loads.
  3. Ship Width: In nautical terms, beam refers to the width of a ship at its widest point. It is also known as breadth and is an important dimension in ship design and navigation.
  4. Textile and Weaving: In textile and weaving contexts, a beam is a cylindrical device with large flanges at each end. Warp yarns are wound onto the beam from cones or cheeses, arranged in a specific order for insertion into looms or warp-knitting machines. Beams are also used to provide thread during lace making, facilitating the weaving process.

These diverse uses of the term “beam” highlight its significance across various fields, from physics and engineering to maritime and textile industries.

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