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Bent-Tail Carrier:

  • Definition: A bent-tail carrier is a type of lathe carrier, also known as a lathe dog, used to drive a workpiece mounted between centers on a lathe. It features a bent shank projection that engages with a slot in the driving plate or chuck.


  • Body: The main part of the carrier that clamps onto the workpiece.
  • Bent Shank: A projection from the body that is bent at an angle, designed to fit into a slot on the driving plate or chuck.
  • Fastening Mechanism: Typically a screw or clamp that secures the carrier to the workpiece.


  • Driving the Workpiece: The bent shank of the carrier fits into a slot on the driving plate or chuck, ensuring that the workpiece rotates in unison with the lathe’s spindle.
  • Work Holding: The carrier holds the workpiece securely, allowing for precise machining operations.


  • Turning Operations: Used in turning operations where the workpiece needs to be held between centers for machining.
  • Precision Machining: Essential for tasks requiring high accuracy and consistency in the rotation of the workpiece.


  • Secure Engagement: The bent shank provides a reliable and secure engagement with the driving plate or chuck, minimizing the risk of slippage.
  • Versatility: Can be used with various types of lathes and driving plates.

Common Types:

  • Straight-Tail Carrier: Similar in function but features a straight projection instead of a bent one.
  • Bent-Tail Carrier: Specifically designed with a bent shank for particular applications or specific lathe setups.

In summary, a bent-tail carrier is a specialized lathe accessory designed to securely drive a workpiece mounted between centers by engaging with a slot in the driving plate or chuck. This ensures accurate and consistent rotation during machining operations.

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