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  1. Recumbent Bicycle:
  • Colloquial Term: “Bent” is a shorthand, informal term used to refer to a recumbent bicycle. Recumbent bicycles have a reclined seating position, which distributes the rider’s weight more evenly and can offer increased comfort and aerodynamics.
  1. Bridge Structure:
  • Vertical Support: In bridge construction, a “bent” refers to the vertical portion of a bridge that supports the beams and deck. It is a structural framework, typically composed of columns or piers connected by a horizontal beam.
  • Location Distinction:
    • Bridge Bent: A bent is situated on land or in areas not directly in the waterway. It provides foundational support for the bridge span.
    • Pier: A pier is specifically located within the waterway, offering similar support but designed to withstand water-related forces.

Recumbent Bicycle (Bent):

  • Design: Features a reclined seating position where the rider sits back with legs extended forward to pedal.
  • Advantages: Provides enhanced comfort, reduces strain on the back and neck, and can improve aerodynamic efficiency.

Bridge Bent:

  • Function: Supports the bridge’s superstructure, transferring loads from the deck and beams down to the foundation.
  • Composition: Usually made of materials such as concrete, steel, or timber, depending on the bridge design and requirements.
  • Distinction from Pier: Bents are generally found out of the waterway, while piers are located within the waterway, addressing different structural challenges.

In summary, “bent” can refer to either a recumbent bicycle in colloquial terms or the vertical support structure in bridge construction, with specific distinctions based on location relative to the waterway.

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