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Bent Bolt

  • Definition: A cylindrical rod that has a thread at one end and is bent into a specific shape at the other end. It can also refer to a bent cylindrical rod with threads at both ends.

Types and Uses:

  1. Single-Thread Bent Bolt:
  • Description: One end of the rod is threaded, while the other end is bent to a particular conformation.
  • Applications: Used in situations where the bent end serves as a hook, anchor, or attachment point, such as in construction, securing objects, or machinery assemblies.
  1. Double-Thread Bent Bolt:
  • Description: Both ends of the rod are threaded, with a bent section in between.
  • Applications: Employed where adjustable fastening is needed at both ends, often found in applications requiring secure and adjustable connections, such as in frame assemblies or adjustable supports.

Common Shapes:

  • L-Shaped Bolt: Bent at a 90-degree angle, often used as anchor bolts or for securing objects to surfaces.
  • U-Bolt: Bent into a U shape, with both ends threaded, commonly used to secure pipes, cables, or rods to a surface or support structure.
  • J-Bolt: Bent into a J shape, with one threaded end, used for anchoring purposes in concrete or other materials.


  • Steel: Commonly used for strength and durability.
  • Stainless Steel: Offers corrosion resistance, suitable for outdoor or corrosive environments.
  • Other Alloys: Depending on specific application requirements, such as high-temperature resistance or non-magnetic properties.

In summary, a bent bolt is a versatile fastening component with a threaded end (or ends) and a bent section, used in various applications requiring secure and sometimes adjustable connections.

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