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Destruction Derby

Destruction derby is a motorsport event where the main objective is to intentionally destroy other vehicles. Unlike traditional races, the primary goal is not to be the fastest but to be the last car running.

Key Features:

  1. Event Structure:
    • Arena: Typically held in large, enclosed arenas or fields, allowing ample space for vehicles to collide and maneuver.
    • Heats and Finals: Events usually consist of multiple heats leading up to a final round, where the last surviving car wins.
  2. Vehicles:
    • Type: Competitors use old, often already damaged cars. These are usually inexpensive and modified for safety, with reinforced frames and roll cages.
    • Preparation: Cars are stripped of unnecessary components, and windows are removed to prevent glass injuries.
  3. Rules:
    • Objective: The main goal is to disable other vehicles by ramming into them. The winner is the last car able to move under its own power.
    • Safety: Despite the aggressive nature, safety rules are strict. Drivers must wear helmets and seat belts, and cars must meet specific safety standards.
    • No Hits to Driver’s Side: To minimize the risk of injury, intentional hits to the driver’s side door are typically prohibited.
  4. Strategy:
    • Defense and Offense: Drivers balance between protecting their vehicle and aggressively targeting opponents. Strategy includes using the rear of the car to ram others to protect the engine and front wheels.
    • Mobility: Maintaining mobility is crucial. Cars that are immobilized are quickly eliminated.
  5. Entertainment Value:
    • Spectacle: Known for its high entertainment value, with fans enjoying the dramatic and often spectacular crashes.
    • Atmosphere: Events are lively, with enthusiastic crowds, announcers, and sometimes additional entertainment like fireworks or music.


Destruction derby is a thrilling and chaotic motorsport where drivers intentionally crash their vehicles to disable others, aiming to be the last car running. Held in large arenas with old, modified cars, the sport is a blend of strategy, aggression, and durability, making it a popular and exciting spectacle for both participants and spectators.


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