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Banger Racing


Banger racing is a motorsport involving older cars driven on small racing tracks where intentional collisions are not only permitted but often encouraged. It’s a combination of speed, strategy, and durability, creating an exciting and chaotic racing environment.

Key Features:

  1. Old Cars:
    • Participants: Competitors use older, often damaged cars, which adds an element of accessibility to the sport as the vehicles are usually inexpensive.
    • Preparation: Cars are modified for safety and performance, often stripped down to reduce weight and increase speed.
  2. Small Racing Tracks:
    • Venue: Races typically take place on small, oval or figure-eight dirt or tarmac tracks, which intensifies the action and increases the likelihood of collisions.
    • Layout: The track design ensures that the racing remains fast-paced and the cars are always in close proximity to each other.
  3. Permitted Collisions:
    • Rules: Unlike traditional racing, banger racing allows for and often encourages bumping, shunting, and crashing into opponents.
    • Strategy: Drivers must balance speed with strategic aggression, using collisions to their advantage while protecting their own vehicle from excessive damage.
  4. Entertainment Value:
    • Spectacle: The sport is popular for its high entertainment value, with spectators enjoying the unpredictable and often spectacular crashes.
    • Atmosphere: Events are typically lively, with a carnival-like atmosphere that includes enthusiastic fans and various side attractions.


Banger racing is a thrilling motorsport where older cars race on small tracks with the allowance for intentional collisions. It combines speed, strategy, and durability, making it a unique and exciting form of racing that attracts both participants and spectators for its chaotic and entertaining nature.


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