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The term “banger” has multiple colloquial meanings, primarily related to automotive contexts. It can refer to engine cylinders, a type of car, or even someone involved in faking accidents.


  1. Engine Cylinders:
    • Usage: Refers to the number of cylinders in an engine.
    • Example Phrases:
      • Four banger: A car with a four-cylinder engine.
      • Six banger: A car with a six-cylinder engine.
    • Context: Often used in informal conversation among car enthusiasts and mechanics to quickly describe engine types.
  2. Old, Cheap Car:
    • British Colloquial Term: Refers to a “beater,” which is an older, cheaper, well-worn car that is still usable.
    • Context: Commonly used in the UK to describe a car that may not be in the best condition but is still operational.
  3. One Who Fakes an Accident:
    • Car Banger: A person who deliberately causes or stages car accidents, often for the purpose of insurance fraud.
    • Context: Used in discussions about fraudulent activities and car insurance scams.


“Banger” can refer to the cylinders in an engine, with terms like “four banger” and “six banger” indicating the number of cylinders. In the UK, it also describes an older, cheap car. Additionally, a “car banger” is someone who fakes accidents for fraudulent purposes.

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