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Tapping” encompasses a few different meanings, but in the context of mechanics and manufacturing, it most commonly refers to the process of cutting threads into a hole, nut, or tube to create internal threads.

Tapping (Thread Cutting):

  • Tapping is the process of creating internal threads by cutting into a pre-drilled hole using a tool called a tap. The tap has flutes along its length with cutting edges that gradually form the threads as it rotates into the material.
  • Tapping is a common operation in metalworking, woodworking, and other industries where threaded fasteners are used to join components.

Tap (Tool):

  • The tool used for cutting threads during the tapping process is called a tap. Taps come in various sizes and types to accommodate different thread sizes and materials.
  • Taps typically have a tapered or straight shank with flutes along their length. These flutes contain cutting edges that gradually cut into the material as the tap rotates.

Tap (Light Striking):

  • In a different context, “tap” can also refer to striking something lightly or gently, such as tapping on a door or tapping a person on the shoulder.
  • This meaning is unrelated to the mechanical process of tapping for cutting threads.

    Abbreviation for Transmission Adaptive Pressure

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