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Gradual Narrowing:

  • In this context, taper refers to a gradual reduction in size or diameter of a cylindrical object towards one end. For example, a tapered roller bearing gradually narrows towards one end, allowing it to fit into a matching tapered bore for secure mounting.

Lack of Parallelism:

  • Taper can also describe a lack of parallelism, particularly in the context of mechanical components such as brake drums or rotors. When the thickness of a drum or rotor varies from the outer edge to the inner edge, it is said to have taper. This can lead to uneven braking performance and excessive wear on brake pads or shoes.

In both cases, taper can affect the performance and functionality of mechanical systems. When taper is intentional, as in tapered bearings or shafts, it serves a specific purpose such as facilitating assembly or improving alignment. However, when taper is unintentional, as in unevenly machined brake components, it can lead to operational issues and the need for corrective measures.


  • Advanced rim taper
  • Base rim taper
  • Drop center rim taper
  • Flat base rim taper
  • Intermediate rim taper
  • Rim bead seat taper
  • Rim taper
  • Semi-drop center rim taper
  • Worm and taper pin
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