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Tension refers to the pulling or stretching stress applied to an object, typically in the context of mechanical or structural engineering. It represents the force acting along the length of an object, pulling its particles or components apart.


  1. Mechanical Systems: In mechanical engineering, tension is a fundamental concept used to analyze the behavior of structures subjected to loads. Tensional forces arise in various components such as cables, ropes, chains, and structural members under conditions where they are pulled or stretched.
  2. Electrical Systems: In the context of electricity, tension is another term for voltage, representing the electrical potential difference between two points in a circuit. It measures the electrical pressure or force that drives current flow through a conductor.


  • Understanding tension is crucial for designing and analyzing structures, machines, and systems subjected to pulling or stretching forces.
  • In mechanical engineering, tension plays a significant role in determining the strength, stability, and deformation behavior of components under load.
  • In electrical engineering, tension (voltage) is a fundamental parameter used to characterize electrical circuits, determine power distribution, and ensure safe operation of electrical devices and systems.

Related Terminology:

  • High Tension: Refers to high voltage levels typically associated with power transmission systems and electrical equipment.
  • High Tension Lead: A cable or wire used to transmit high-voltage electricity, often associated with ignition systems in internal combustion engines.
  • Low Tension Leads: Cables or wires carrying low-voltage electrical signals, commonly used in automotive ignition systems and electronic circuits.

In summary, tension represents the pulling or stretching stress applied to an object and finds applications in both mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines. Whether analyzing structural integrity or electrical circuitry, understanding tension is essential for ensuring the safety, reliability, and performance of engineered systems.

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