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  • Throttle arm: The lever that actuates the throttle.
  • Throttle body injection: See Throttle body fuel injection.
  • Throttle butterfly: A valve in the carburetor throat that regulates the flow of gasoline.
  • Throttle enrichment: See Full load enrichment.
  • Throttle gauge: A tool for measuring throttle and choke valve gaps.
  • Throttle potentiometer: Provides the ECU with throttle position data for dynamic spark advance and full load enrichment.
  • Throttle relaxer: Mechanically controls throttle position during traction control system operation.
  • Throttle return spring: A spring that closes the throttle valve when pressure is released from the accelerator pedal.
  • Throttle rod: An accelerator linkage connected to the carburetor or injection system.
  • Throttle shaft/spindle: The shaft on which the throttle valve pivots in a carburetor barrel or inlet tract.
  • Throttle stop solenoid: Maintains engine speed above curb idle.
  • Throttle switch: See Wide Open Throttle Switch.
  • Throttle valve switch: See Throttle position sensor.
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