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Gas Welding and Cutting Torch:

  • In the context of gas welding and cutting operations, a torch refers to the handheld device that the operator uses to control the flow and combustion of gases. The torch typically consists of a handle connected to hoses that supply fuel gas (such as acetylene) and oxygen, along with a nozzle or tip where the gases mix and are ignited to produce a flame. The torch allows for precise control over the heat and direction of the flame, enabling various welding, brazing, soldering, and cutting operations.

British Term for Flashlight:

  • In British English, “torch” is commonly used to refer to what is known as a “flashlight” in American English. A torch in this context is a portable handheld electric light source, typically powered by batteries. It consists of a bulb or LED housed within a casing, along with a switch mechanism for turning the light on and off. Torches are used for illumination in dark or low-light environments, such as during outdoor activities, emergencies, or household tasks.

These two definitions demonstrate the versatility of the term “torch” and its usage in different fields and regions. Depending on the context, it can refer to either a tool for gas welding and cutting operations or a portable electric light source for illumination.


  • Blow torch
  • Cutting torch
  • Halide Torch
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