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Towaway and Tow away refer to different aspects of towing vehicles, often related to transportation and law enforcement.


  1. Cargo Category:
    • Definition: This refers to the transportation of motor vehicles by carrying them piggyback on a power unit.
    • Method:
      • Piggybacking: The vehicles being carried have their front axles lifted off the ground and resting on the vehicle in front of them. This method allows multiple vehicles to be hitched together.
      • Wreckers: This category also includes wreckers towing a vehicle in a similar piggyback manner.
      • Empty Log Trailers: Refers to empty log trailers being carried on the bed of a tractor with no axles touching the ground.
      • Other Vehicles: Can also refer to other vehicles carried on the rear of a power unit in a way that their axles touch the road.
    • Usage: Common in the transport industry for moving multiple vehicles efficiently and for transporting disabled vehicles.

Tow away:

  1. Unauthorized Vehicle Removal:
    • Definition: The act of removing unauthorized or illegally parked vehicles.
    • Context:
      • Parking Violations: Often involves vehicles parked in restricted areas, no-parking zones, or private property without permission.
      • Fines and Penalties: The vehicle owner typically incurs a hefty fine, towing fees, and possibly storage fees when their vehicle is towed away.
    • Enforcement: Conducted by towing companies in coordination with law enforcement or property owners to maintain order and ensure compliance with parking regulations.

Key Differences:

  1. Towaway:
    • Context: Primarily refers to a method of transporting multiple vehicles or trailers in a logistical context.
    • Application: Used in the transport industry and for wreckers.
  2. Tow away:
    • Context: Involves the removal of unauthorized or illegally parked vehicles.
    • Application: Used in parking enforcement and law enforcement contexts.

In summary, towaway pertains to the logistical transport of vehicles, often involving multiple vehicles hitched together or carried in specific ways, while tow away refers to the removal of unauthorized or illegally parked vehicles, typically resulting in fines and fees for the owners.

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