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Traction Bar:

A traction bar is a component used in vehicle suspension systems, primarily in rear-wheel-drive setups, to prevent spring windup and wheel hop during heavy acceleration or braking.


  • Preventing Spring Windup: During heavy acceleration or braking, rear-wheel-drive vehicles can experience spring windup, where the rear axle twists and causes the springs to compress unevenly. This uneven compression can lead to wheel hop, which compromises traction and stability.
  • Mitigating Wheel Hop: Traction bars are designed to counteract spring windup by providing additional support and stability to the rear axle, minimizing wheel hop and ensuring consistent tire contact with the road surface.

Design and Installation:

  • Articulated Bar or Link: A traction bar typically consists of an articulated bar or link that connects the vehicle’s frame to the rear axle housing.
  • Attachment Points: The traction bar is attached to both the frame and the rear axle housing, usually using bushings or pivoting mounts to allow for movement and articulation.
  • Front Attachment: In some setups, traction bars may also include a front attachment point to the frame or front suspension components, providing additional support and stability.


  • Improved Traction: By minimizing wheel hop and spring windup, traction bars enhance traction and grip, particularly during high-performance driving or heavy towing.
  • Enhanced Stability: Traction bars help maintain stability and control, especially under hard acceleration or braking maneuvers.
  • Reduced Wear: By reducing excessive axle movement and wheel hop, traction bars can help prolong the lifespan of suspension components, tires, and drivetrain parts.

Comparison with Panhard Rod:

  • Function: While both traction bars and panhard rods are suspension components aimed at improving stability and control, they serve slightly different functions.
  • Traction Bar: Primarily addresses spring windup and wheel hop in rear-wheel-drive setups, especially during acceleration.
  • Panhard Rod: Helps control lateral movement of the axle, particularly during cornering, ensuring proper alignment and handling.

Traction bars play a crucial role in optimizing traction, stability, and control in rear-wheel-drive vehicles, particularly during high-performance driving or heavy towing. By minimizing spring windup and wheel hop, traction bars enhance overall vehicle dynamics and provide a more confident driving experience.

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