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The term Triangle Split System refers to a braking system configuration that incorporates dual brakes, which utilize a tandem or dual master cylinder to provide separate brake systems for both the front and rear of a vehicle. This configuration offers redundancy and safety benefits in the event of a hydraulic fluid loss. Here’s how it works:

  1. Dual Brakes:
  • The braking system is divided into two separate circuits, each controlled by its own master cylinder.
  • One circuit operates the front brakes, while the other operates the rear brakes.
  • If there is a loss of hydraulic fluid in one circuit, the other circuit can still function independently, allowing for partial braking capability.
  1. Tandem or Dual Master Cylinder:
  • A tandem or dual master cylinder contains two separate pistons, each connected to one of the brake circuits.
  • When the brake pedal is depressed, hydraulic pressure is applied to both circuits simultaneously, activating the corresponding brakes.
  1. Safety and Redundancy:
  • The Triangle Split System provides an added layer of safety by ensuring that braking capability is maintained even if one circuit fails due to a leak or other hydraulic issue.
  • This redundancy reduces the risk of complete brake failure and enhances overall vehicle safety.
  1. Rolls-Royce Configuration:
  • In some vehicles, such as Rolls-Royce models, the braking system may feature a unique configuration where the two front brakes are linked with the right rear brake, and the two rear brakes are linked with the left rear brake.
  • This configuration may offer specific handling or performance benefits, such as optimizing braking distribution for stability or control.

The Triangle Split System with dual brakes provides enhanced safety and reliability by ensuring that braking functionality is maintained even in the event of a hydraulic system failure. It is a common feature in modern automotive braking systems, contributing to safer driving experiences.


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