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Trim refers to various decorative and functional elements in vehicles and watercraft. It encompasses both exterior and interior features, as well as adjustments in marine vehicles.

Automotive Trim:

  1. Hard Trim:
  • Description: Nonfunctional metal or plastic moldings, frames, and other decorative additions to vehicle bodies.
  • Purpose: Enhances the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and sometimes protects bodywork from minor damage.
  • Examples: Chrome or plastic strips along the sides of the car, window moldings, grille trim, and badges.
  1. Soft Trim:
  • Description: The interior decoration of a vehicle, including upholstery, roof linings, and door linings.
  • Purpose: Provides comfort and enhances the visual appeal of the vehicle’s interior.
  • Examples: Seat covers, headliners, door panels, carpets, and dashboard coverings.

Personal Watercraft Trim:

  1. Trim Adjustment:
  • Description: Adjustments in the angle of the watercraft’s hull.
  • Purpose: Allows for fine-tuning the ride characteristics, improving performance and handling in various water conditions.
  • Examples: Adjusting the trim can raise or lower the bow of the watercraft, affecting how it cuts through the water and its speed and stability.

Marine Trim:

  1. Ship Trim:
  • Description: The difference between the draft forward (bow) and the draft aft (stern) of a ship.
  • Purpose: Ensures the ship is balanced and stable, affecting its handling, speed, and fuel efficiency.
  • How It’s Achieved: By adjusting the location of fuel, cargo, ballast, and other weights on the ship.
  • Examples: Moving ballast water between tanks or redistributing cargo to achieve the desired trim.


  • Hard Trim: Decorative and protective external features on a vehicle.
  • Soft Trim: Interior decorations and comfort-enhancing features in a vehicle.
  • Personal Watercraft Trim: Adjustments to the hull angle to optimize performance.
  • Ship Trim: Balancing the ship’s draft forward and aft for stability and efficiency by managing cargo and ballast distribution.

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