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In the context of the OBD system, a trip refers to a journey during which all onboard diagnostics (OBD) tests have been completed. This typically involves the vehicle traveling a certain distance or under specific conditions to allow the vehicle’s computer system to run diagnostics on various components and systems.

Additionally, “TRIP” can also refer to “The Road Information Project,” which is a nonprofit organization focused on promoting transportation policies aimed at relieving traffic congestion, improving air quality, enhancing highway safety, and boosting economic productivity.


  • In the automotive context, “OBD TRIP” specifically refers to a journey during which the onboard diagnostics system completes its tests. This term is often used in the context of vehicle diagnostics and maintenance.

The Road Information Project (TRIP):

  • TRIP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for transportation policies aimed at addressing various issues related to traffic, air quality, safety, and economic productivity. They conduct research, provide data-driven analysis, and work with policymakers to promote effective transportation solutions.

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