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Track Shape:

"D" shaped Oval

Track Legnth:

3/8 mi

Surface Type:


199 Reynolds RoadUnity Plantation, ME 04988, Maine, USA 04988

Fantasy Speedway is a "living museum" of the early days of dirt track racing in the Northeast. Many of the cars are actual race cars then ran the dirt tracks in the 50s' & 60s' that were discovered rusting away deep in the woods of Maine.

They were rebuilt and restored to race again in all their glory. Others are also cars from the 30s' that were rescued and built with old parts to become additional racecars built to the same specs of the 50s' & 60s' racing rules.
Fantasy Speedway is a 3/8 mile clay track with some banking, fast wide turns, and very fast spine tingling front and back stretchs with slight curves in them, often leading to spectacular side by side multi-car drifting thru the major turns.

Contact Information
Phone: (410) 703-7806

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