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Modesto, CA, California, USA
The FAROS was a social club in Modesto, CA from 1957 through 1973. The club gained fame from the movie American Graffiti as a car club called Pharaohs.
In 1957 Chuck & Dennis Billington, Harry James, Maurice Clark, Gene Harder, John Husband, and Bob Selsted first tried to start a club they called the FAROS Fraternity at Modesto High School. That initial effort was squashed by Dean of Boys, Paul Whitmore. He threatened to expel all of them if they started the club. Therefore that first group only lasted about 2 months but they came up with the name FAROS and the FRS crest. They also had the crest artwork done at a local printing company. They spelled FAROS with an F rather than Ph because Maurice Clark's dad had been in a club called the Pharaohs in the '40s & he didn't want them to use the same name.
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