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Hummingbird Speedway

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Track Shape:


Track Legnth:

1/3 mi

Surface Type:


840 Gospel Center Road, Reynoldsville, PA 15851, USA, Pennsylvania, USA 15851
Hummingbird Speedway is a dirt stock car racing track located off Route 950 between Reynoldsville and Falls Creek, PA.
For those not familiar with us, here's a little history...
The track originally opened in 1964 and operated until 1975, at which time it closed and remained dormant until being completely rebuilt and re-opening on September 16, 2000.
After a 25 year hibernation, "The Bird Is Back!" (Okay, so birds don't hibernate; but that sounds better than saying the track went south for a very long winter.) Seven events were run in 2000, and full schedules were completed each year since then.
Racing is every Saturday at 7:00PM and the regular program consists of the following classes:
Late Model
Semi-Late Model
Street Stock
Pure Stock
Front-Wheel Drive Four Cylinder
Contact Information
Phone: (814) 653-8400

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