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Screven Motor Speedway

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Track Shape:


Track Legnth:

3/8 mi

Surface Type:


6118 Savannah Hwy, Sylvania, GA 30467, USA, Georgia, USA 30467

Screven Motor Speedway is a part of the Screven Motorsports Complex. Screven Motorsports Complex is a sports entertainment facility known nationwide as the "Action Track of the South." We feature weekly racing and events on multiple separate race tracks. Included at our compound is Screven Motor Speedway, Savannah River Dragway, Gee Chee Creek Mud Drag, and Gamecock Speedway. We have exciting events including racing action and world class cuisine at reasonable prices and a family friendly atmosphere.

Screven Motor Speedway Track Info:

- 3.8 Mile Clay Oval
- Host to many National Series yearly.
- One of the fastest tracks in the South.
- First opened in 1997.

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