Sioux Speedway

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Track Shape:


Track Legnth:

1/2 mi

Surface Type:


Sioux Center, IA 51250, Iowa, USA 51250

An End of an Era
With the February bond vote passing with a significant majority, the city of Sioux Center and the Sioux Center Community School district will be utilizing the land on which the half-mile Sioux Speedway resides to construct a new high school. It is bittersweet, as we do see the benefit of a new educational facility for the future of the Sioux Center community and wish all the best as it will provide a great venue to educate the next generation. With dirt work scheduled for this Spring, there will be no racing events in 2019 and beyond. This means the 2018 Sioux County Youth Fair event was indeed the last at the track holding origins back to 1972. Sioux Falls racer Gregg Bakker was the last victor.

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