Thunder Hill Speedway Mayetta, Kansas – Closed

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Track Legnth:

4/10 mi

Surface Type:


11995 142nd Rd, Mayetta, KS, USA, Mayetta, Kansas, USA 66509

Thunder Hill Speedway, located on 142nd Road in Mayetta, Kansas, opened its gates in 1994. This slightly larger than 1/3 mile dirt track quickly became a local hub for racing enthusiasts, positioned conveniently near the borders of Nebraska and Missouri. In its early years, the track offered a variety of racing events, including late models, stock cars, and modifieds. Notably, it also secured annual Sprintcar events sanctioned by the National Championship Racing Association (NCRA).

The track underwent a change in ownership after only a few seasons, leading to an enhanced racing schedule and better management. For about a decade, Thunder Hill Speedway enjoyed considerable success. However, competition with the larger Heartland Park Topeka led to declining car counts and financial difficulties. By 2009, the track was forced to close mid-season due to insufficient participation.

In a fortunate turn of events, Thunder Hill Speedway was purchased by a family who revitalized the venue, shifting the focus primarily to late model racing with some events still sanctioned by the NCRA. This family-run operation kept the track alive for another decade, fostering a strong community spirit and maintaining its local popularity.

In its later years, the track changed hands once more when it was sold to the owners of a nearby casino. Despite hopes for a resurgence, there have been no signs of the track reopening since the sale. Thus, after 25 years of operation, Thunder Hill Speedway ceased its activities, leaving behind a legacy in the local racing community.

### Key Facts:

- **Location:** 142nd Rd, Mayetta, Kansas, USA
- **Size:** 1/3 mile dirt track
- **Operational Years:** 1994 - 2019
- **Notable Events:** Late models, stock cars, modifieds, Sprintcar events sanctioned by NCRA
- **Challenges:** Competition from Heartland Park Topeka, declining car counts
- **Final Ownership:** Nearby casino owners (no reopening since the purchase)

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