Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 22 More Sparkle

After I painted the LIM and the other pieces I noticed they were darker with more glitter. I thought I could deal with it but after working all night on the job all I could think about was the glitter difference. The ones with less glitter look more light – first 3 pics. So today I repainted the turbo compressors and the front water housing – Im glad I did, its a better match.

I also cleaned the PS pump and AC compressor. I had considered painting those but I decided not to. I will probably leave the PS / AC and ALT in their natural finish.

The cool thing about having a 95 RX7 is that it came with R134a from the factory ! My car has a build date 12/95. Maybe its one of the last ones imported for sale here in the states??

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