Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 23 Turbo Side

Day 23

To re-cap – I am so glad that I put a heli-coil for the 8×1.25 mm because anything bigger would affect the gasket clearance in between the low and upper turbo manifold and the bolt hole clearance on the upper turbo manifold. You can see what I mean in the pics by looking at the wear from the outline of the gasket on the metal. Im also glad I test fit everything before painting the Xcessive LIM and other parts – it all went together like butter.

Today I finally got the turbo side mounted for keeps. On the bottom of the lower turbo manifold I formed the little heat shield to make sure there was no rubbing on the arm. Then I bolted on the lower turbo manifold and loosely fitting the heat shield. I wanted to make sure it could wiggle while installing other parts. I also installed the front lower oil pipe at this time too. Last I bolted on the turbo control actuator.

There are 5 oil gaskets and the offset bigger one goes between the front pipe and the bottom pri turbo oil drain pipe. Before I forgot I put the front coolant shim on the long bolts. Next was to add the red gasket material on the compressor side of the turbo CHRA’s. I used a welding rod with a gob of red rtv on it to run it around the inner edge. I wiped up the extra with my finger – it worked really good.

After the turbos were together I installed the back water pipe and put the heat shield on over it. I installed the Xcessive LIM first and then the upper turbo manifold after. The lower turbo manifold shield had just enough lip going past the flange which allowed me to rest the gaskets on them. I installed the upper turbo manifold, outer water lines and the upper oil feed line. After that I installed the oil return pipes and then the waste gate and turbo pre-spool actuators. Lastly I installed the outer turbo heat shield.

The last thing for tonight was installing the oil cross feed pipe for the turbos. I used a razor blade to remove the paint from the gasket mating surface. I attached the turbo side first and then laid the cross feed pipe down on the engine and connected the other side.

I wish it was brighter for the pictures but overall I happy with how its turning out.

Its cold and raining – I’m done for tonight.

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