Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 24 Pumps and Hoses

Day 24

Installed the front water pump assembly, AC and PS pumps.

New thermostat with gasket, made sure the relief pin is on top.

Installed the new turbo coolant hoses. I tried to use those clamps I got off ebay but they just were not tight enough. I was able to squeeze them open with my fingers so I went back to the worm clamps.

I also installed a Pineapple Idler pulley – talk about a tight clearance. I put the belt on to make sure there was no rubbing and all is good. It also comes with new hardware so I was able to relocate one of the long studs to the outside water pump hole. The bracket for the idler pulley bolts to the back wp housing and through the wp and may offset the flushness of your wp to the wp back housing. Mine is a little off now but it should be ok.

I remembered I had a walbro 255 pump sitting in my stash for like 8 years and lucky for me is is the high pressure pump.

Another main reason why I wanted to installed the PS and AC is to offset the weight of the turbo on the other side.

More to come tomorrow.

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