Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 25 Paint A Pulley

Day 25

The little rust on the old pulleys were bugging me so I painted the AC Pulley, Main Pulley and the Tensioner Pulley with Rustolium sating black. I’m letting it dry over night before I even try to touch them. I also installed the PS pulley.

I got the primary rail in. The rubber flat o-rings gave some resistance but the 8mm bolts made it easy to snug it down. The secondary CJ motorsports rail was a different story. The little blue inserts in the Xcessive LIM were a little different then the black inserts from CJ motorsports and I’m so glad I got them. I used my bolt extractor to get the blue inserts out (super easy) and popped in the new ones. My ID2000 were the shorter ones but had top hats making them longer. Unfortunately they were still too short for the stand-offs so I took 1/4 off the stand-offs but then had to add a washer for a shim. I also did not get / or lost the hardware to bolt down the sec fuel rail. Right now I just have a long bolt to hold everything in place. I ended up the CJ sec rail with FPD.

Tomorrow Ill go to the hardware store – again – and get 3.5 inch 8×1.25 bolts or 2x 85mm and 2x 90mm and see which one fits best for the fuel rail. I will also install the AC pump again and the other 2 pulleys.

And then tonight I’ll research ways to connect the rails (parts needed).

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