Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 19 Sandwich Plate

Day 19

I have a Prosport oil sandwich plate but I couldn’t help getting the Greddy one since it was on sale. I guess I’ll see which one fits better then sell the other one.

During the test fit the blue painted turbo water lines chipped easily. I guess the protective anti corrosive coating prevents paint from sticking well. I just stripped it down again and called it a day. At least they look clean and not covered in corrosion.

I prepped some parts for paint, (front wp assembly, ps/ac bracket and sec turbo touch up) and and cleaned up the xcessive LIM and wp with another wash of eagle one. Im letting those dry overnight. Tomorrow Ill paint the other items and get the lim and wp prep for paint too.

I also was able to drill out the broken bolt and ran a tap to clean up the threads. Always do a little pilot to make sure your centered up.It will hold but Im thinking I might want to do a helicoil. The top half of the threads help it get started and about half way down the threads are good.

Hopefully the hardware store is open tomorrow so I can see what they got.

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