Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 20 Tap Mistakes

Day 20

OK, so what I did not say about the whole turbo manifold broken bolt recovery … was… at the very end after I took the pictures I was greedy and wanted to see if I could tap it deeper … lol… giggity… well the tap broke and I had to drill it out and all the hard work went to shit. And thats why I said I think I might want to do a heli-coil in my previous post…lol

I got a kit with the tap, insertion tool and the heli-coils, I just had to by the drill bit. I set up the manifold on the drill press again and drilled it out. The next step is super helpful if you want to make sure your tap starts level and at the same angle as the hole you just drilled. I put the tap in the drill press and started it by hand, once it was set then I ran it down with a wrench.

The heli-coil tool has an offset cut to grab the bottom part of the heli-coil that is bent. I screwed in the heli-coil and backed out the tool and wala – nice new threads. Now it sits on the engine waiting for assembly.

Today I painted the AC/PS bracket that goes on the side of the engine, the front water bracket assembly and a small fix on the sec turbo. I also took a pic of them hanging painted with just the cast aluminum color.

I prepped the wp, lim, primary fuel rail, charge relief and thermostat housing for paint tomorrow.

I wanted to get enough painted before the rain that way I can still assemble things and have forward progress.

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