Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 5 Flywheel Removal

Day 5

I researched how to remove and re-install the big ole flywheel nut without any special tools.

It turns out the the Harbor Freight (HF) engine stand arms will hold the flywheel by the pins in 2 locations.

At Dale Hard Ware I bought a 2 1/8 socket and had to get a 1/2 female to 3/4 male adapter to use it. I used my HF impact gun to remove the nut (after 10sec of continuous ratcheting).

I transferred the fly wheel to to new engine and hooked up the engine stand arms in the same configuration.

I pinned the engine against my tool box and with one foot on the engine mount I pulled up with my HF Icon Tq wrench. I torqued down the nut to 250 ft lbs.

I know its supposed to be 350ft lbs and this is what I read. Tq to 150 ft lbs, make some marks and then tighten it 60 more degree, which is point to point of one side of the 6 sided nut which I read gets you close to 400 ft lbs. 6×6=36 or 60 degrees 6 times equals 360.

So I tq it to 250 ft lbs (the max of my wrench), then put some marks and hit it with the HF impact gun and got about 20 degrees or so. I hope Im close to 350 ft lbs. I think it should hold.


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