Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 3 Engine Removal

Day 3

I got the engine out and onto a dual furniture dolly set-up. Turn out its not easy to support the engine without it tipping over, hitting turbo stuff or the sneaky oil pan sensor. So I got one big furniture dolly and then flipped and smaller one upside down on top and it supports it by the pan pretty good.

I also forgot to disconnect the top PS line going down to the rack – oops, I was wondering why the engine started to tilt. Lines OK.

Yesterday I finally got the Harbor Freight bin rack I always wanted, so presidents day 20% off then another 20% off one item coupon and walla. Its actually made really well and is going to make my life so easy now that I can keep bolts separated with their perspective manifolds, accessories, panels and what nots. because you know – you gotta keep em separated…lol

While removing the engine harness from inside the car I found the turbo timer (blitz) and also discover I have the HKS AFR spliced in hidden under the carpet.

Showing off my Mazda RX7 authentic pink camo floor mats.

When I drained the oil – OMG. Running it with the blown motor to move it around put so much unburnt gas into the mix and it was so dark – like dark chocolate.

Because my car was so high, I hit the canopy cover frame and had to finagle stuff around but I eventually got it.

Day 4 will be taking off all the accessories to put on the ported motor I have that’s been sitting in the garage for like 3 years – yes I turned it by hand.

Time to rest for work – graves…

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