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Alley Definitions:

  1. Alley (Private Thoroughfare):
  • A privately maintained thoroughfare, tract, or easement.
  • Typically narrower than a street and provides access to the rear boundary of one or more lots.
  • Not intended for general traffic circulation but serves as access for property owners to reach garages, parking spaces, or rear entrances.
  1. Alley (Public Road):
  • A narrow public road, usually single lane.
  • Typically found between rows of houses or buildings.
  • Used for various purposes such as access for garbage pickup, deliveries, or utility maintenance.
  • May not be suitable for regular traffic circulation and often has limited or restricted vehicle use.
  1. Alley (Mechanical Engineering):
  • A groove or channel cut into a block of metal.
  • Used as a track along which ball bearings or a rod can slide.
  • Also known as “shaft alley” in some contexts, particularly in marine engineering.

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