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Electrical :

  1. The discharge of electric current across a gap between two electrodes, often through a gaseous medium or air. This can produce a visible plasma or spark.
  2. In welding, it specifically refers to the high-temperature electric discharge through the air or gas between the welding electrode and the workpiece, used to generate the heat necessary for welding.
  3. An unintended electrical discharge (often in the form of a visible spark) that occurs between two points due to a breakdown in the insulation or due to a fault. For example, a worn spark plug wire could cause an arc if it comes into contact with a metal surface or another wire, leading to a spark that can potentially cause electrical issues or even ignite flammable materials in certain conditions. It’s a form of electrical fault that needs to be addressed to prevent damage or hazards.



  1. Abbreviation for Aeronautical Research Council in the UK.
  2. Abbreviation for Ames Research Center in the USA
  3. Abbreviation for Automatic Ride Control

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