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  1. Hopping or Oscillating Motion of Front Wheels:
  • In automotive terminology, “tramp” refers to a bouncing or oscillating motion of the front wheels of a vehicle. This typically occurs due to an imbalance in the vehicle’s suspension system or when a tire with high inflation has been run empty. The imbalance or improper tire pressure can lead to a bouncing or hopping motion, particularly noticeable in the front wheels.
  1. Rapidly Depressing the Throttle Pedal:
  • In some driving contexts or slang, “tramp” can also refer to the action of rapidly depressing the throttle pedal, often to accelerate quickly. This usage is more informal and may vary depending on regional or subcultural slang.

Both definitions involve actions related to vehicle dynamics or driving behavior, but they refer to different phenomena: one related to the motion of the front wheels and the other related to throttle control.

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