Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 11 Turbo Inspection

Day 11

I took apart the 99 twins for inspection and cleaning and to port the primary wastegate.

The stock wastegate measured roughly 26mm (1.023 inch). Ive read to port it to 31.75mm (1.25inch).

The motor was blown so I was hoping not to find any damage on the blades…..well I did on the primary exhaust side. See Day 11 part 2 primary turbo.

You also see some weird porous type melting on the pri turbo plastic in the compressor housing and a small scratch in the sec turbo plastic in the compressor housing. Compressor blades look fine on both.

Here are the pri and sec turbo pics.

I put single scribes on the pri turbo and double scribes on the sec turbo to line it back up.

Again the harbor freight roll around bin holder was my best investment.

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