Rotary Extreme RX7 Build Day 12 Prep Problems

Day 12 – a complete disaster !!!!

I found the green paint for my engine, cleaned up turbo exhaust shields.

I made a mix of some cleaners and it turned the aluminum black

Luckily I have a power washer and I was able to get most of it off, but some of it was stained.

Thank God I was going to repaint everything anyways. Also the chemical mix ate away at the color of one of the blue anodized fuel inserts.

Anyone have an extra purge solenoid valve, I broke mine.

I have a 95 Rx7 and apparently the tb cables are attached differently. My original throttle body was corroded so I took it apart to clean it. After doing so I am now just going to modify a clean TB to have the TB cables routed like the 95.

I have no motivation after the aluminum cleaning incident. I also managed to use every flat and Philips head screwdriver trying to take the TB apart. A REAL PITA !!!!!!

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